birthday instagrams. plus, so many animals it's like my life is a zoo.

sigh. i am having a heck of a time organizing these photos. so, we'll just go in the rando order that blogger added them in! first up: my surprise present from b that got delivered later in the week! a new camera lense. over-the-top this year for sure, after we agreed to not do bday presents anymore. just you wait until september, sir.

so, this little guy is outside my work window every day. he will literally stick his whole body in and do this crazy teeth clinking sound that scared the beejesus out of me the first time i heard it. i finally shut the window on him and what does he do? taps his hand on it! can you see his little palm, like "hello? i am out here!"

art and michelle's little lady, goya. 

ahh, super sweet {literally} birthday present from my work bff, sandra. i was shocked and touched! and everyone at work was very jealous.

flowers from b. they still look beautiful, a week later!

my birthday present to myself, a birchbox subscription. 

haha! birthday text from jade! super cute, thanks mom. 
noodles and co sent me a coupon for my birthday! free pasta dish, thanks for the casual fancy patio dinner noods!

book club with my prsa girls. very thankful for midweek wine breaks.

tons more iphone photos to share - coming at you later this week. maybe i'll tempt my squirrel coworker into another photo shoot. you never know.


  1. Those pics are so cute. I love the flowers he got you. Also, have you started that book by Kelly Cutrone? She is so amazing.

  2. yes! finished the book in like a day. i liked it a lot more than her first one. have you read it? the chapter on death is so intense.