a good life lesson, or how the best things we do in life will never be awarded.

{something b should be awarded for: his awesome pizza!}

the other day i got a panicked text from one of my bff's shari. she wanted to talk on the phone. i was at work, but could tell she was upset, so i called her. last year she relocated to las vegas for a job {i went to visit her here}. before that, she had been at her previous job since we graduated in 2008. a project she had worked on was entered for a big award. it won. awesome, right? well, her former boss didn't include her on the application, thus, it's like she never won.

i think we all agree that sucks. it's rude and disheartening and really unfair. but, i told shari that she has two options: contact her boss and tell her what's up or just get over it. after all, she knows she worked on the project. she knows she won. so do i. so do her parents. and now so do you.

i think she was surprised i was so calm about it. but that's because some of the best work i've ever done hasn't had my name on it. articles i've ghostwritten, newsletters with no bylines, designs with no mention of the designer. and, i've learned that probably the most award-worthy stuff we will do in our lives will never earn us a round of applause.

so, cheers to the great moms, awesome friends, best sisters, volunteers/employees/genuinely good people that never get the recognition they deserve.

and a high five to you, blog reader, you make my day.


  1. Thanks for this! Such a great reminder :)

  2. although you do deserve a trophy for how cute your baby is, marie :)