denver zoo.

on easter, we went to the denver zoo!

there were bears. 

and gorillas. {who i'm pretty sure totally wanted to kill us. i kind of don't blame him. zoos make me sad.}

nope, don't know what's going with my hair, my funky farmer's tan or the front of my dress being all poofed out. my mom will enjoy seeing a photo of us, though, so here you go mom.

omgg. the brown bears were all wound up. this little girl was itching her back and running around and playing on her tire in the water. i cried it was so cute.


making coral!

b's favorite, the komodo dragon. he apparently wrote a report about it in fourth grade and told me more details than were on the little sign next to their habitat. {warning to mrs. b: he just said, "i bet my mom still has that report - i will ask her!" haha, too cute.}

bye bye!

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