celebrating tricia.

this weekend i got to go home for the first time since thanksgiving. and for a good reason: tricia's bachelorette and bridal shower!

here's the venue we hosted at. it's a old schoolhouse. there were awesome photos on the wall with a listing of students who attended in the early 1900s. they all had cool names like norman and stella.

school house style! our theme was sand and water, since tricia originally wanted to elope to a beach. her mom's idea - funny, right?

her mom had saved and framed the first photo they ever took together. and those cupcakes are from my favorite, buehler's. so delicious.

my fellow host and i, mary ann! i've known tricia's mom for as long as i can remember. cute story: that was a question on the quiz i created for the shower. "how did tricia and her maid of honor meet?" tricia and i BOTH thought it was at girl scouts, even before school started. luckily, mary ann can remember back to the late 80s - we were apparently in ballet together. 

yay, me and the star of the weekend.

gift opening photos taken by the lovely bridesmaid, casey! my favorite moment of the day was when tricia's future mother-in-law presented her with a gift in a victoria's secret box! she was so unsure of what would be in there, but it was very nice {and demure!} undergarments.

and my gift, a custom hanger with her future last name!

and after the shower, it was time to head to downtown cleveland for a ladies night out! here's the view from our hotel room.

the only photo i got of our great shirts that casey designed.

but you can tell from the thumbs up that she was ready for a fun time! and it was so fun we don't even have any appropriate pictures to share from it. you'll just have to take my word for it.

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