last weekend we once again spent saturday out hiking. {yep, we wore tons of sunscreen.} we planned to go to a trail in boulder, but never did find it. instead, we ended up driving to the top of the mountain for this view.

um, i saw an episode of "i survived" where a woman had her face in the jaws of a mountain lion, so i won't even make a joke about this.

we did see some wild creatures though. look at this little guy doing his best kamakamakarma chameleon.

on the big rock. i mean, do we not look like natural coloradans already?!

hellooooo boulder! 

then, we came down to the bottom of the mountain to walk around the park. we read that in the 19th century a chautauqua was an organized gathering to introduce people to new ideas. there are only three left in the world, one of which being in boulder! this field used to have a ski lift in it.

there's the big rock we took photos by!

up the trail we went. it totally was even harder to breathe in boulder than denver. but have you ever seen such a clear, beautiful sky?

it's supposed to be perfect weather this weekend and we'll be out hiking again. somebody pass me my inhaler.

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