legit, i think my dream job is food critic.taking pictures of it, writing about it, eating it, etc. that's why the good eats section on here is so grande. unfortunately, the only place i've written about since we've been in denver is wokano. and that is because a bunch of places we've gone have been no bueno.

so when anna lisa asked us to go to jelly with her, we said "no way, jose". the reviews online are amazing, but we had tried to go when we visited denver in december and the wait was an hour and a half. in december. outside.

she talked us into it. her friend eric was visiting from out of town! the wait was only 20 minutes. {which isn't bad in denver for brunch. i have no idea why brunch is such a thing here, but it is.}

sunday funday bloody mary.

the specialty at jelly - besides the homemade jelly - are the freshly made doughnuts. we split an order and got to try a vanilla, jelly, chocolate and cinnamon sugar. we knew it was going to be a good meal at this point.

side of french toast. on challah bread.

okay, and here is why jelly is the best place i've eaten in all of denver: vegetarian biscuits and gravy! i have been thinking about biscuits and gravy FOR THE LAST YEAR AND A HALF. i'm done with pork for life, and the staple of this dish is typically sausage. this hit the spot. delicious!

and we had amazing service.

jelly: four stars from this food reviewer. {and you all know that's usually reserved for taco bell and homemade pizza.}


  1. looks AMAZING katelyn!!! makes me want to move to denver every time i read your posts!!!!!!

  2. Come to Pittsburgh. CB will feed you. You don't even have to give him good reviews. Though I'm sure you will. :)

  3. @v: come visit! we will hike and EAT.

    @a: you never know when i may be back in the midwest. p.s. i totally had to google kaleidoscope cafe to make sure i spelled it right, and he has some crazy good online reviews! i KNOW it would be delish!