april fooling.

unfortunately, this post has nothing to do with april fools jokes. although i had not one but two facebook friends announce they were pregnant on the first and they really are! then the people that made comments like, "you didn't trick me, no way you'd have a baby!" are the ones that really got fooled. 

for the past two weeks we have had amazing weather here. warm, even hot for a few days. then on tuesday we woke up to three inches of snow. so maybe that was mother nature's little joke. good one, earth, now bring back the sun.

look who got his hair cut!

and he's rocking the ou sweet 16 shirt. #represent

i've been doing sunroof photography again.

my mom sent me the best package this week! easter candy, the hunger games and {my favorite} a stack of magazines.

our street at sunset.

it's been two months here already. can you believe it?

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  1. Three inches of snow?! What in the world? That shit cray. ;)