st. paddy's day.

you all: st. patrick's day is a big deal in denver. we heard the stories about the two-hour parade and planned to spend saturday downtown.

did you know it is st. paddy's day, not st. patty's? i guess patty is short for patricia, which makes sense, but i had always said st. patty's. the more you know, i guess. 

yay my denver friend anna lisa! did i already tell this story? we met in our apartment laundromat. she moved out already, thanks to her keen ability to spot a sketchy apartment complex within the 30-day guarantee window. smart cookie.

did you all know taxis had credit card machines?? isn't that so 2012? 

someone was brave enough to do a carbomb, the official drink of irish people. don't worry mrs. baker, he only had one.

our view of the parade. it was more than two hours long! we only saw about 10 minutes of it, but what we did see was pretty weird. i have no clue how it lasted two hours.

i should clarify weird. we came down to the street near the end, so it was a lot of scantily clad women riding in the back of trucks. i am still not sure what they were promoting. 

hooray, green beer!

it was a long day, but thanks to perfect weather {i wore shorts!} and good friends, it was my favorite in our new city so far. 

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