green mountain.

this weekend we were colorado legit: we hiked! green mountain trail is less than 15 minutes from our house and promised good views. it was not a lie.

the start of the trail. have you ever seen a sky that blue and clear?

straight up and super rocky.

the very top of the trail. everyone puts a rock on the pile. you-know-who put a tiiinnyyy pebble on the very tip top.

seriously one of the most breathtaking views ever.can you see the snow peaks? in real life it looked like the clouds were coming right out of the mountains.

his favorite thing about the trail? breaking rocks to see if they were shiny inside. he had a scientific word for it, though.

yeah, we picked up this brochure at the end of the trail, after we had gone the wrong way twice {err, my baddd} and realized we had gone at LEAST six miles. ouch! that didn't hurt as bad as the second degree burns i am still aloe-ing. lesson learned: the sun in colorado is STRONG. we will not leave the house without sunscreen from here on out.

here's hoping that this little saying applies to our hiking skills. green mountain we will be back!*

*with real hiking boots, sunscreen and the trail map.


  1. you know your friends are here whenever you decide to move ;)

  2. That looks awesome. CB and I need to do something like that. Looks relaxing and hcallenging and awesome.