from our phones.

at work too early one morning. catching up on some reading with the local mag and my new bad, bad habit: daily starbucks.

speaking of bad. seriously some of the yummiest stuff i've ever eaten though. and, hello, its name is chubby hubby!

the parking situation in denver is out of control. most homes don't have driveways and even at stores you may end up having to park on the street. needless to say, my parallel parking skills are getting serious practice.

anna lisa playing skeeball on st. patrick's day at 1up.

photobooths are seriously the most fun for $3 ever.

our alma mater is in the sweet 16 for the first time since the 1960s! INSANE. the games were actually in nashville this past weekend, so disappointed we couldn't be there, but it was still great watching from our couch. this friday we play unc. wish us luck!

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