people will surprise you, or what you learn when you move across the country wilth no prospects.

{the sun setting somewhere in kansas.}

moving to denver has been a lot of things. shocking, for people who know me as little miss planner. a leap of faith, definitely. and eye opening, most of all.

i have never been unemployed. i have worked since i was 16 years old and i had one day between college graduation and starting my first real job. so, to come out here without any prospects of employment was definitely a risk. and it has been very hard. i easily could do a post on how lonely it is to have no close friends out here, how frustrating it is to spend 14 hours a day on the computer looking for jobs or how sad it was when people looked me in the face and told me that it was a huge mistake to move to denver. i could talk about all of that.

but, that has not been the most common response.

people have come out of the woodwork to help me. my professor michelle opened her rolodex to me and introduced me to 10+ amazing people. those amazing people have given me advice, offered me guidance and nudged me in the right direction. former supervisors i haven't seen in years have contacted me to say they'd be a reference. a friend from nashville welcomed us into her home and took us into the mountains this past weekend.

it's hard to blog about life as it unfolds. it's easier to look back and say "here was this experience and here is its perfect ending". it's nerve wracking and messy to write about things before you know the happily ever after. so, while i'm still unemployed, don't have a denver bff and am not sure how things will all fall into place, i know they will.

because people surprise you in the best ways.

and life has a way of working itself out.

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  1. I'm glad you've found support during a difficult adjustment. I hope things continue to get well...that you find jobs and friends and that you adjust. Sometimes the seasons of incredibly uncertainty are the best ones of all!