nashville originals week: yellow porch.

yellow porch was my first choice when the nashville originals restaurant week menus went up.

first point: it is in the weirdest location. i guess it's the 100 oaks neighborhood? i am only ever in the area to go to applebee's. they also have a very nice movie theater, though, as well.

they were a two for twenty location, as opposed to holland house's three for thirty.

although, i always add on a cocktail, too. my work friend erica said the lemondrop was a must have. super sweet, as expected.

the most-raved about menu item: cheddar fritters. holy guacamole! really, really amazing. b and i should have split an order. it was a generous portion and so filling.

b's choice: pork chop. he is still talking about how good this was. i witnessed him lick the plate clean, so i can vouch for his enjoyment level.

and mine: salmon. it was very good.

i want to talk about the fritters again: you must try them.

better than a hushpuppy by a mile.


and the service - wow, wow, wow. it had been suggested to me to not try a new restaurant during this busy week, but we had nothing but excellent experiences at both yellow porch and holland house.

restaurant week, i will miss you.

you too, cheddar fritters.

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  1. Oh my gosh, all of this looks amazing! Especially the cheddar fritters. I think I would die.