nashville originals week: holland house.

if i could sum this review up in three points it would be:

1. holland house is so hipster/fancy.
2. the service was incredible.
3. it was restaurant week and not crazy overcrowded.

photographic evidence:

the waiters in suspenders? um yes, please.

probably the best beverage i've ever had. in my life. definitely the best thing i had all night. "a walk in the park" if you're going soon. try it.

salad. okay, if i had one bone to pick with hh it would be their overuse of bacon. which, most people would word as, "if i had a favorite thing about holland house, it would be their overuse of bacon." so, i know i'm alone in this, but there was only one salad option without it.

yep. this is beef. what can i say: chicken is a gateway drug. the steak was good. what i must tell you about is the ketchup. courtney and i both got this and kept saying, "these fries are SO spicy!" b tried one, and was like, "that is not spicy." i was using more and more ketchup thinking i was cooling down the fries when we realized... it's the ketchup that is spicy. duh. however, it burned so good. i would get anything they serve with that condiment next time i go.

creme brulee. i actually don't like creme brulee and took a chance that this would be more of a mint pudding. {what can i say, it said mint.} but, it was just reg creme brulee. however, courtney ate most of it - after finishing her bread pudding - so i would say our general review of the dessert course was two noms up.



holland house, if i wasn't moving out of the state and if you weren't in the deeeep east side, you would be my new park cafe.

and THAT is a seriously compliment.

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