even now, sitting here thinking about it, it makes my stomach hurt.


they are sometimes short and sometimes ugly and and sometimes necessary.

i've been saying a lot of goodbyes this week, which is why i've been absent here. i have a ton of food posts waiting in draft mode, but it doesn't feel right to hit publish when my days are taken up with things much more important.

i don't want to go into great detail of my feelings for the friends i have here in nashville. it would make me cry.

and, i hope, it isn't needed.

i hope that each of them already know what they mean to me. what they've meant to me. i hope they understand that walking away from them is the h a r d e s t part of moving to denver.

leaving somewhere has a lot of perks - including coming to grips with how much you're loved. and, so, in that sense, goodbyes are bittersweet.

i feel so much joy in knowing that i will be missed here.

but i have a pain in my chest knowing what i'm leaving behind.

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