seven medium-sized things.

i know you all were probably worried about me with the distressing news that hostess is filing for bankruptcy. i'm trying not to get too upset, since they did it before, and my favorite food continued to be created. a moment of silent prayers for the hohos, just in case.

i've put a hard stop to all shopping during the month of january. it's going really well, except that i keep running into things i would REALLY like to have. like this headboard, these magnets and this hair dryer.

speaking of, i've gotten so old and forgetful that i've been sending myself detailed emails so that i can search my gmail. all the items i listed above are in there with subject lines like "good headboard, buy later, grey, must have."

it is really starting to hit me all that i am going to miss when i leave nashville. it's like when you realize that your college continued to exist even after you left town. i still can't believe someone else is sitting in my seat at the junction bar alden library right now.

i finally put my resume up on some job sites and i am getting an insane amount of offers to sell insurance. how do they even know i would be good at that? i really don't want to do sales and i'm officially scared about finding a job in denver.

my blog next week is ALL about food. i've had some "last meals" at places and we hit up two restaurants for nashville originals week. it is going to be gooood.

we officially leave town on jan. 30. it's a 19 hour drive. i already bought all three of "the hunger games" in audio book form. they better be good. otherwise, it's t. swift on repeat for three days.

this blog post is a link up with one of my favorites, e tells tales. it's supposed to be ten little things, but i really think i went a bit past "little". seven feels like a good number. happy weekend bloggies!


  1. thanks for stopping by! i checked out yours earlier at work, but got distracted before i could comment. i totally email myself important things, its really the only way i ever get back to them. i somehow can't even bring myself to open the "notes" application on my phone...

  2. Those hohos look like the most delicious things ever.

    Haven't had one in a million years.

  3. T swift is the best company for a long road trip. We've had many long trips together :)