nashville flea market.

this weekend i did a whole lotta nothing. luckily, last weekend i was super busy, so you can enjoy my happenings from then, instead of me telling you about my epic afternoon nap yesterday. you're welcome.

last saturday afternoon was spent sweating soaking up the sun at the nashville flea market with vickie and courtney! this was my first time. i was super tempted by a bunch of different vintage items, and couldn't turn down just a few.

there was some good stuff. a b stamp came home with me!

there was some {realllly} scary stuff.

there was some bad stuff. {i bet my mom could set up an entire flea market stand with her beanie baby collection.}

there was the amusing.

and the just plain weird.
(although i'm totally tempted. i love socks. i mean LOVE.)

and there was, of course, the sweaty.

if you're here again next year, we'll see you then flea market.


  1. I'd die for just a few of those "stamps" you found...jealous of your b! Looks like there was lots of fabulous stuff to be had. I wish I could find something like that in New England!

    Thanks for putting a sun savvy badge on your sidebar--you're helping to spread the word and I'm so grateful! xoxo {av}

  2. thanks for commenting - my sun savvy back story is going up tomorrow! very exciting!