i haven't taken out my dslr since february, but here are some things i did catch recently with my phone.

i participated in a work event last week that was held on and around the university of washington campus. it is pretty - and was named one of the 15 most beautiful - but i am still partial to the brick lined streets of athens.

the sunny skies of the uw photo may lead you to believe it doesn't rain every single day here. and you would be very wrong. walking to work in it is the worst. upside: i have a ton of cute new rain gear.
if we are eating out in seattle, we are at little water. however, i talked b into hopping into a bar that's a block away from our house: belltown pub. the service was great and they serve hush puppies, which basically caused me to have a flashback to our days in the good old south. plus, they allow dogs. 

sidebar: i want a dog so, so, so badly. i routinely talk to dogs while on my walk to work {"you are so pretty!"}, know the name of our neighbor's dog {fiona}, but not the name of our actual human neighbor, and basically freak out whenever i see one. now, if we just had a house, a yard, mo monies and a bff who could babysit him/her when we were out of town, we could totally get a dog!

up on the roof, b's favorite spot.

we finally {only two months in} explored our neighborhood a bit last weekend. we walked down to the sculpture park and this is what is right beyond it: the beach. it's no sunny california, but the gorgeous view  does make me just a bit less mad about the daily precipitation.

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  1. I'm still disappointed that I didn't get to meet you when you were here in CO but I maintain hope that if I move to Seattle with Drew in the coming years, we are imminent BFFs. :)