it was the famed lyricists the spice girls who sang "too much of something is bad enough." they went on to express something profound about love, but in my case, it describes a lot of what's been going on these past few months. or really, these past few years.

moving to denver was a huge change. but, making friends happened relatively quickly and finding a job i loved happened on only my second try. it was a lot of change. especially when we were living in that 400-square-foot apartment. there was not a lot besides change in that apartment.

then, we got engaged! it's not only a change in your daily focus, but also preparing for upcoming change.

and then, seattle. which really came out of nowhere. a new job, no friends, learning a new city.  

i am a fan of change. but sometimes it's overwhelming. and that's where i am at today. and where i've been for the past few months, which is why i haven't been blogging. 

i love having this blog and being able to look back at what we were doing on a random weekday in 2011. so, i'm going to try to make time for it again.

see you soon, loyal readers, aka b, sandra and spammers.


  1. I'm not a spammer! And I have missed reading your always fun and "so-Katelyn-like" posts.
    Breath, breath and breath again. I KNOW how overwhelming it is to be new to a place where you don't know anyone, but you will see how everything will be perfect once you are over the stress of the wedding and the new job and everything else.

    Good luck with everything!

    1. erika! i was in a work event all day thursday and baker read me the comments when i got home and yours made me smile so much!

  2. And me! I'm a reader too. :D

  3. Look at all these comments! We can keep each other blog post accountable! This too shall pass. Plus your true friends are still right where you left us...no matter where you are. :)

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    1. ak i just noticed your blog went private! i was wondering why my feed hadn't updated in a while. sads!