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here is a rando thing i have on my mind all the time: what should we choose as our first dance song? we don't have "a song" {sidebar: does anyone who started dating their significant other have a song? i had a song with all my middle school and hs bfs, but i think it loses popularity when you're no longer attending dances together...} so i have no clue what to choose.

i thought i would delegate this one out to b and have him pick a song that speaks to him about our love, but with his insane work hours {when he is on call he works all hours of the day and night} and his penchant for procrastination, i can't stop worrying about it.

tricia and rich danced to uncle kracker's "smile", which is not one of my fav songs ever, but when they danced to it, i was like "YES, this describes their laid-back love PERFECTLY." plus, b and i don't exactly have similar musical tastes. whereas if i had to choose a song to describe us, it'd prob be a super dramatic garth brooks hit. the closest we've come to agreeing is on a popular foo fighters track, but it's well known the song is about dave grohl's first divorce. soooo, prob not a winner.

anyone else worry about something so minute that no one else will ever remember it? just me?


  1. Since I'm doing most of the planning, I let the fiance have this one. He came forward immediately and said "I always wanted to have my first dance to Van Morrison's Into the Mystic." At the time, I hadn't heard it, but realized if he was that passionate about it, the first dance song was definitely something I could give him.

    Good luck!

    1. nice! i agree - fingers crossed b thinks of something!

  2. Well, I started with the wedding boards, Google, and others' ideas. I actually created a YouTube playlist of all these songs. I just wanted to see if any of them "spoke" to me. None really did, in a "yes, that is the song we want" kinda way. JZ and I agreed on a time frame...so, we both thoroughly enjoyed 90s songs. No, we weren't together in the 90s, but it was a song era we were ok with. We ended up with Edwin McCain's "I Could Not Ask for More." Advice? Start small, a sound, an era, or just go to the boards. I'm not sure ours was "us," but we both enjoyed the song, rhythm, and meaning. Hope that helps!

    1. umm, THANK GOODNESS FOR YOU! i totally was scoping out the wedding boards for ideas, so glad i'm not alone on that ocd step. i love the 90s. i bet we could agree on some nelly songs - ha!

      true confession: i always wanted to dance at my wedding to hanson's "i will come to you". unfortunately, b is not so into that one.

      i'll let you all know what we end up with!