this weekend was alllll about the packing! the moving company comes on friday to haul our stuff to seattle, which makes relocating one billion times easier. when we moved from nashville to denver not only did we pack all our stuff, we also crammed it into a u-haul trailer and then unloaded it all ourselves. 

i think a successful move is all about the packing, so here's a look into my method to the madness that is prepping for a cross-country move.  

step 1: those things you stocked up on because you thought you were staying in denver forever? sell it.

we had a two-year lease at our current house. we have a brand new bed for the guest room and that adorable porch swing. both of those are up on craigslist now. fingers crossed they sell.

step 2: that stuff you already moved cross country once and then still never used? throw it out.

this is very easy for me because i am the opposite of a hoarder. if i don't use it on the regular or i am not in love with it, then it goes straight into the goodwill pile. this is much harder for b. but, he has been super great this time around about agreeing that we don't want to tote junk with us another 1,372 miles.

step 3: all those "decor" items you'll probably need to put in storage when you live in 700 square feet? group it together.

i pre-group all my boxes before actually packing. that's so i can see what else should go in said box... and also that i can see i have a problem with buying decorative candles and then never burning them, apparently.

step 4: whatever you just crammed in that box? label it.

this way, i can just peek inside to know exactly what is filling up the whole box. and as mentioned above, we may need a storage unit this time around.

we went from 483 square feet to a two-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom, two-car-garage mansion and are going back to a small, one-bedroom apartment. in capitol hill, we had a wall of boxes. here's hoping all these packing tips keep our new place a little bit more organized - especially considering we signed a full year lease!


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