for probably a year i have been wanting to do a blueprint cleanse. that specific cleanse because i know many people {read: bloggers} who have done it and they just raved and raved about how good it tastes, how full of energy they feel, how it changed their life.

so, when i saw it on discount on a flash sale site, i scooped it up at about 60 percent of its normal {expensive} price. now, i have done cleanses before. i did a protein shake-based one in may and was feeling so good we hiked roxborough during it. 

my juice got delivered {straight from nyc - fancy!} on a tuesday afternoon and i was so excited to start on wednesday morning. the first sign of trouble was when i opened juice 1 and gagged. the odor was what i'd imagine the crypt keeper's breath smells like. i plugged my nose and took it down. juice 2 followed around when i'd usually have my 10 a.m. snack of almonds.

by midday i felt what can only be described as... drunk. i couldn't concentrate, felt winded just walking up the steps, was having dramatic emotions about being on a cleanse, etc. mind you, i'm at work. i attempted to do a toned down version of my daily workout that evening and could barely walk 1.5 miles.

so, by the time i made it home in this state, b was over it. i quit on day 2 and broke the fast with a burger king cheeseburger. i haven't eaten bk since high school, when it was the only fast food restaurant in my small town, so what drove me to craving that, i don't know. 

hashtag failwhale, right?! well, i actually don't feel too bad about not finishing. i do, however, i feel awful about doing it in the first place. for the first time in a long time i was back on track with my diet and exercise. me thinking that this cleanse was going to be some sort of magic potion that would make my arms bridal gown ready was super far off.

from now on, i'll be doing it the old fashioned way: eating right and working out. and there's no shame - or burger king - in that.


  1. Hilarious. There's nothing wrong with a little Burger King now and then. Especially when you're working out like an instructor afterwards. ;-)

    I enjoy reading your blog, I'm glad I found it...on Facebook :)

  2. ha, that cheeseburger will get me every time!

    i'm glad you found it, too! i want to hear more about you all moving. was it less/more stressful than you thought? any helpful hints for keeping your marriage good while in that crazy situation? i'd love to know!

  3. Well...it was rather abrupt, but under similar circumstances. We were both semi-unhappy with our jobs, so at the time it was a welcomed change, but being so far away from home has been tough. Especially when I was unemployed for a while. I've learned to be grateful that for a few months, I didn't have to work, but in the end, I was getting very antsy. All of these things probably took a toll on our marriage, and probably at times I blamed him for us moving. Don't do that, trust me. I'm working on rearranging states. I'll let you know how that goes. :)

  4. YES. i am very worried about finding a job, and know that'll be a huge point of stress. eeep, that's my big fear, too. no blame game. let me know where you're thinking! exciting times!

  5. Oh, I'm mentally rearranging states...trying to get Ohio closer to Virginia. Unfortunately, I doubt my master's degree qualifies me to physically move states.

  6. ooooh, i'm with you now. i am mentally still in nashville, soooo. :)

    i actually thought you all were in WEST virginia, so big upgrade from what i was imagining!