one of my goals for 2013 is to read five books. five books sounds like nothing, i know, but i get busy and lazy and then a whole year passes without me reading anything besides blogs and magazines.

but, i've already finished one and it's only week two! bringing up bebe was a bestseller last year that caused quite a bit of buzz in the parenting world. i am obviously many years from children, but i have so many friends {bloggers} with kids that i was curious to know this woman's tips on french parenting.

and, while i loved her child-related advice to be more strict, give them more independence and talk to them like adults, my favorite parts of the book were just about life in general. this quote came from one of the author's french friends:
if you aren't saying "amen", then you don't have enough dramatic friends. i think complaining is a badge of honor for a lot of people and i find myself doing it all the time.

plus, i really liked the parts where they talk about all the bread they eat.

two thumbs up for bringing up bebe - and for the weekend. have a happy one, friends!

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