today i'm talking about the ladies that will stand by my side on the big day!

the maid of honor was not a hard choice - it had to be my little sister, emily. she is a saint for dealing with my it's-the-end-of-the-world calls and emails, which i'm sure will only increase the closer we get to the wedding!

b's sister betsy! her fashion sense, ability to get me laughing easily and support of our relationship made her a must-have for our wedding party. although i am letting the bridesmaids choose their own dresses and i think she prob wishes she hadn't agreed at this point! just kidding {i hope!}.

my high school bff, tricia! tricia will be the one on the wedding day who will talk me off the ledge when my hair looks disgusting. that sounds dramatic, but i prob won't like my hair and that will be enough to send me jumping over the aerial balcony. jk {not really}.

my college bff, shari! she is one of the rare people who not only doesn't mind talking on the phone, but actually cares about the nitty gritty details of my life. even though we've been a million miles apart since graduation {her in myrtle beach, me in nashville. then her in vegas, me in denver.} she has never stopped acting like we are still living right down the hall from each other.

those are the girls! i'd do a post on the groomsmen, but for one of them we don't have a single photo of him {...} and for another we only have a gem from halloween 2006. actually, it really is such a great photo, i have to share. here is b and groomsman kyle. sorry ladies, they're both taken :)

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