a few things that have made their way through the twittersphere have caught my attention recently.

this article in the wall street journal on relationships between families and sons- and daughters-in-law:

"in couples where the husband initially reported being close to his wife's parents, the risk of divorce over the next 16 years was 20% lower than for the group overall. yet when the wife reported being close to her in-laws, that seemed to have the opposite effect: the risk of divorce with these couples was 20% higher." 

say wha?! as if on my wedding to-do list i need to add "be close to my in-laws, but not too close"?! ridiculous.

also: in my never-ending quest to lose weight, i found this documentary called "why are thin people not fat?" 

one of the scientists basically says "weight is like height - it is decided by genetics and predetermined before you are born." if i am giving up carbs, i sure hope my body isn't fighting to stay at max chub.

while those two were kind of downers, i'm also reading uber-popular "bringing up bebe". no plans for bambinos anytime soon, but the audiobook version has been a good distraction during my workouts. hear that body? we're getting in wedding shape!

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