last year, i went through and reviewed 2011 month by month. b and i sat down and talked about 2012 and, at least to me, it was defined by a few singular events.

here is what i will always remember from this year:

being very afraid to leave nashville.

i made b take this photo as the last thing we did before we locked up and left our old home. we had barely slept the night before. courtney and brandon had stayed until after midnight helping us pack and load the u-haul and we were leaving town before 9 a.m. i had a knot in my stomach. the generosity of friends and coworkers before we left made it worse. it was too late at that point to change our minds. i kept it together until b and i got separated on the road and i was lost and by myself, well, and yelling at b on the phone. i thought for sure it was a sign that we had made a mistake.  

realizing that we really moved to denver.

the next three days were spent driving 12+ hours a day, spending the night in random cities and being so frustrated that the u-haul couldn't go above 60 miles per hour. we also were very grateful that the weather was perfect and there was no snow at all on our journey. when you pull into denver, there is no sign needed. the rocky mountains let you know you are there. i think it took us a few weeks to actually grasp that we had done it - we had left everything we knew behind and just up and moved.

being happy to be in the mile-high city.

this took a while. we were unemployed together for a little under a month. i have zero recollection of that time, but i can imagine i was simply stressing out about not having a job/friends, etc. i think going out with our friends art and michelle was really a turning point. we had an amazing afternoon in the mountains with them and it showed us a side of denver we hadn't seen yet.

standing beside tricia as she got married.

it is a special thing to have a relationship with someone over many seasons of your life. tricia and i met when we were super young, and we have both changed dramatically over the last 20 years. we both know each other's past and know we will still be friends in the future. seeing her get married was an emotional, awesome experience. i am so happy she found rich, a guy who is at the same time very chill, but very dramatic when it comes to his love for tricia. and next year she'll be standing beside me at our wedding - yay!


they say "all is well that ends well", and this is one of those cases. i don't want to go into all the negative details of it, but it taught me a lot about myself and set the course to all the amazing things that happened after.

making money from my freelance business.

when i opened up katelynburkhart.com, i wasn't sure what it would become. so, to have a paying customer in my first few months {thanks to recommendations from my dear friend sandra}- and especially while i was unemployed - meant the world to me. there is nothing like cashing a check that you worked so hard for and did all on your own. it was an amazing feeling and i am very grateful for the experience. plus, i'll be revamping my website in anticipation of my name change early next year - fun stuff!

getting engaged.

obviously, this was the major moment of the year. i had been waiting to get engaged pretty much since we met, but to have it actually happen was truly a shock. sometimes i still say "can you believe we got engaged?!". {b proofreads all my posts and to this one he said, "that is all you are going to say?!"} so, for you, buzz, i would add that our engagement was everything i had ever wanted and pretty much a top three moment of my life. obviously.

being satisfied with where i am. 

i am not a naturally content person. i am constantly making a list of to-dos with ways i can improve my life. as we wrap up a year, i feel really, really satisfied. it's a good feeling. and, i'm already looking forward to 2013.

2012 was also the year... my dermatologist recommended i start using wrinkle cream, we ate macaroons for the first time, i discovered nordstrom rack, b took his first {and second} business trip, i stopped being a vegetarian, we lived in a 483-square-foot apartment, my family moved back to ohio, i realized wedding planning is not as fun as people make it out to be and we majorly missed our family and friends that are spread all over the country.

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