hello, hello! we are fresh off the plane from nashville after the busiest weekend of my life. it consisted of most of my favorite people, good food and trying to squeeze in time with all of our wedding vendors.

plus, we got to stay with courtney and melanie! and, of course, get some mosby time in.

i got to see my parents for the first time in forever*. we went to bob evans. #northernersforlife

my wbff, sandra! we had pizza at jet's, which i had been craving since the day i moved. it did not disappoint. i also got to meet her daughter, kylie! she is just as adorable irl as she is in photos.

so, beyond all the eating, we did meet with a ton of vendors. we kicked it off with a tour of aerial with everyone to check out the place we'll be getting married. i finally got to meet our wedding coordinator, our florist and our caterer. it was a whirlwind, but i am happy to say i loved all of them. we nailed down a ton of details and the trip was so worth it.

em snapped this shot of the very spot we will be getting married in eight short months! {the amazing where's waldo of this photo - it's not a wedding unless elvis is there.}

*not pictured: my sister/maid of honor, my future-in-laws who i was with almost the entire time and don't know how i didn't get a photo, jet's pizza {let's be real, highlight of the trip}, and VICKIE whom i did take a photo of and planned to blog about, but it was too blurry. sorry, v. dedicated blog post coming some day, promise.