along this theme of vendors i never planned to hire... this week i'm talking about our band!

i was originally set on, at max, a dj. i actually thought having an ipod play would be more than enough. luckily, my mother-in-law showed me the light of how important a band can be to set the mood of the event. she used the example of melissa and ryan's wedding, which truly was one of the most rockin' parties i have ever been to. after talking with melissa, too, who said that a band was the best money she spent, i was on board.

researching bands is when i got the news that july 13, 2013, is going to be an incredibly popular wedding day. my first bands of choice were already booked. i should have known seeing how popular 7-7-07, 8-8-08, 9-9-09, etc. dates have been.

luckily, i came across the blue tones. they have amazing reviews, and most importantly, they were quick to get back to me and eager to work with me. dave even recommended going with less band members, a decision that will save us money {aka save my in-laws money since they are paying for the band. their generosity has seriously blown my mind.} and will better fit in our jam-packed venue.

plus, we hired two of their musicians to play at our ceremony, and they are on board to learn the taylor swift song that will be played during the processional. i am pumped.

above all, i just want our wedding to be an amazingly fun time for our friends and family that have traveled so far to be with us. i think the band will play a big part in that! 


  1. yayyy band! an informal poll of our wedding guests definitely concluded that the band was the best part. that and ryan's vows. i can't wait and am so excited for you both.

  2. thanks for all your advice - you have been super helpful, melis!