a rare break from instagrams on a monday! but, for good reason. we hit exactly nine months to the wedding on saturday {fun fact: 10/13/12 was also up for discussion as a wedding date in the early days of our engagement. should have done it and now we'd be married!} and it's time to get serious about my least favorite part of wedding planning: the wedding diet.

i'm linking up with the domestic wannabe in hopes that maybe my weekly workouts will amp up when i have a little accountability. currently, i'm doing about 30 minutes a day on the treadmill in my work gym three times a week. i'm also doing bride arms on a daily basis {i love that workout / video. i laugh every time she says "hello brides!"} because, hello, big arms are a concern around these parts.

lots of important stuff coming up - halloween with it's pumpkin-shaped reese's {the best} and wedding dress shopping with rooms full of mirrors {potentially, the worst}. it's straight to the gym for me after work - happy monday bloggies!

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