this weekend we planned to drive out to the denver botanic gardens at chatfield to check out their pumpkin festival. in nashville, we had gone to the same farm every year with a group of people. after a rare rainy day on saturday, we set off on sunday to get pumpkins and eat festival food - both goals that we achieved.

parking lot nightmare below a beautiful mountain scape. it actually was not that bad - they had a sheriff directing highway traffic and people showing you exactly where to park.

some of the approximately 1,000 people at the festival behind me. check out my gallon of lemonade!

the perfect pumpkin - still on the vine!

thank you to the random man waiting with two full carts of pumpkins for snapping this photo. we then carried those monsters the two miles back to the car. i counted that as my bride arms workout for the day.

even if it doesn't feel like fall here {it's going to be 80 degrees today!}, at least our porch decked out for the season.

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