to celebrate our official move in, we spent saturday evening at the lowry beer garden. first, it's within walking distance to our new place. automatic two thumbs up. and, it's located inside an old airplane hanger. {lowry is the old airport base. more about our new neighborhood coming in a post soon!} and, they serve soft pretzels, a personal fav.

it was 90+ at 6:00. forgive the frizz hair. i am also whiter than i have ever been in my life because i am scared to leave the house without sunscreen. i'm sure i'll thank myself in 40 years. {i hope.}

dun dun dun dunnn, soft pretzel. really good, plus spicy cheese. nom.

the beer garden is known for their burgers. b agreed that they are fame-worthy. 

a night at the beer garden was a great welcome to lowry - we are so happy to be here!

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