not a whole lot going on over here this week. we've been glued to the couch chanting "usa! usa!" {and occasionally "italy!" "khazashstan!" and whoever else is on the screen} and crying at pretty much any and every olympic-themed commercial.

we still have a lot of packed boxes, but here's our little entryway. i get stopped daily at the light rail crossing. cinnamon bun ice cream - wow is all i have to say about that. the typical {beautiful} denver sky. still just reading magazines instead of doing any planning. an unusual site in denver: rain on the windshield. our favorite - the beer garden - raising money for the wildfire victims. here's what happens when i cook: i have to text pic a friend to see what cup they think the one on the left is! the number had rubbed off and i wasn't sure if it was a half or a whole cup. sigh, i'll continue to leave the cooking to b. and, as noted, our view all weekend. gymnastics are my favorite, what about you?

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  1. Gymnastics is definitely my fave. I was all about it last night. Felt sad for Jordyn though...