whoops. i thought i had a post ready for yesterday and then logged in and there were no words. just photos. i could have just let you all guess what was going on, but a lot of wine was involved, so it's even hazy to me. more about that coming next week. today's post idea found on liz's blog. she is the reason i want to go to greece for our honeymoon - her photos are amazing.

without further ado, if you really knew me...

+ you'd know i drive a 1999 accord, new to me three years ago. i paid it off, and hope it lasts another 10 years. haha, we shall see on that one!

+ you'd know i'm disappointed i'm not a vegetarian anymore. i gained so much weight doing it, though, and i really missed chicken sandwiches.

+ you'd know i started this blog because i have a terrible memory. it's pretty annoying and sometimes awkward, but that's why i'm glad i have this blog.

+ you'd know i'm addicted to chapstick. this organic kind, to be exact. i have a long and dramatic history with chapsticks. i will spare you the details, at least for today.

+ you'd know i have mixed emotions about being out here in denver, but it is getting better every day. like i've said, if nothing else, it's a good story to tell the kids someday!

+ you'd know i have been wanting to plan a wedding to b for three years, and now that it's here it's been generally disappointing and stressful. no one be surprised if we elope.

+ you'd know i hate being barefoot. i lovelovelove socks. when it's warm, when i sleep, all the time. sock lovers unite!

fun stuff. now i'm off to count down the hours until the olympics start! socks and the olympics all weekend.

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  1. I feel you on the chapstick and veggie stuff.

    I'm glad Denver is getting better everyday!

    And I may elope as well.