we have an official favorite restaurant. drum roll, please... wokano!

but i promise that we are mostly eating in AND i have been cooking... kind of. 

yep, it's in a plaza with a 7-11, but we love it. you know an asian place is legit when there is a big budda. vickie: that is a shout out to our old fav miss. saigon!

my fav, crab rangoon! that mint sauce they serve with it gets rave reviews online, but it's just okay to me.

and then we split an order of general tso's chicken. that is one serving! and it is delicious.

and i got a question this week, and yep, i am eating meat on the reg. if by meat you mean only chicken (or turkey) and by on the reg you mean about once a week or so. i should do a blog post about what happened when i ate taco bell. and by i should do a blog post about it i mean i will never tell you about that because it happened in december and i still haven't eaten taco bell {my fav!} or beef since then. so... use your imagination!

love it when the fortune cookie can read your mind.

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