a life less predictable.

while the decision to move to denver was not made lightly, it was made quickly.

i am not unhappy with my life in nashville. if you've been a reader of this blog, you know i love our downtown, our growing food scene and our concerts.

but, i had a sense of unsettledness that i just could not shake. a lot of people chalked that up to quarter-life crisis, which, i'll admit, may play a part in this.

then, we visited denver. and i said, for the first time out loud, "what if we left nashville? what if we moved here?"

and, at first, b was hesitant. neither of us are the kind to throw caution to the wind, and he especially is comfortable with what we have here in nashville.

but, he's going. i think he knew i was serious when i said that if i didn't try, at least TRY, i would regret it.

so, we're leaving in less than two weeks. neither of us have jobs. we've yet to sign a lease. no close friends live there.

we are leaving a good, good life for the unknown.

i've never been so excited.


  1. That's so exciting. And awesome that you have a partner who is so encouraging of you. That's one thing I am scared I will regret in the future. I mean, things can always happen, but for now I know that being with CB means staying in Pittsburgh. His restaurant is here and he is daily putting so much into it. He is not leaving here anytime soon. And though I had thoughts of moving to Austin after grad school, I've had to re-think that. Granted, CB is a little older, so throwing caution to the wind and going somewhere new isn't where he's at right now. I've had to accept that. So I definitely can't wait to read about how things are going. I will be living vicariously through you!

  2. thanks for the support! i really hope it works out for the both of us - i think it will. you know, sometimes the right man is better than the right city :)