food truck feastival.

this weekend, wanderland food park organized the wanderland feastival, an all-day event where the nashville food trucks gather. we had perfect weather and i was thrilled to get the chance to try multiple food trucks i hadn't run into around town yet. before we move we're hitting some of our favorite spots again and trying some "nashville must haves", like deg thai truck.

my choice: riffs truck! i've heard a lot of great things about it and they won the battle of the food trucks event last fall.

woh, woh. out of tacos.

veg paella. with a surprise soft tofu cake.

b's pork and macaroni from rollin + smokin.i tried the mac and really liked the use of the spiral noodle. his official review was positive, especially about the sweet cornbread pancake.

my wait ended up being about 30 minutes. b's was about 10 minutes longer. i've read a lot of negative reviews online, and talked to some people who were very crabby at the event. it's true: i was bummed out that the truck i really wanted to try was out of food less than two hours after it opened. however, it didn't ruin the day for me. i think it's a great idea and i'll definitely be giving riffs another try and will continue to support this awesome explosion of food truck goodness around nashville.

plus, you can't beat the view.

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