off the wagon.

long story short: i ate chicken last night.

long story long: it all started with my paranoia about how sleepy i have been for the past month or so. like, getting home and agreeing to just watch tv. or knowing i had something to do and feeling so lethargic that i just wasn't getting it done.

and then, i went to get my hair cut and the stylist told me that my hair was growing in very thin and that it was related to protein deficiency. sidebar: she totally said it was most likely from my shampoo of choice, but did say it could be affected by diet. enter me thinking about it every five seconds.

then, half of my tooth fell out. sidebar: from a cavity growing between two teeth, which my dentist told me wasn't exacerbated by my carbotarian lifestyle, but did say protein can make a difference between keeping your teeth when you're old and rockin dentures.

you can see where this is going: i was in a full-on panic that my veg lifestyle was making me wither away. sidebar: i've gained about 15 pounds since the beginning of the year, so i wasn't actually withering, per se.

and, it's definitely not the veggies fault. it's mine for not embracing beans, quinoa, lentils.

so, i think i'll be slowly incorporating some meat back into my diet.  

sidebar: this has made someone pretty happy.


  1. Everything in moderation -- even moderation. ;) Do you like fish? Maybe you can go pescatarian for a while. Get some protein, chica!


  2. I love meat. I tried being a veggie in college, but I have low iron, so that didn't work. My doctor was like, "Eat meat now or I will shove it down your throat." I adjusted well because of, you know, ribs and such. Love me some ribs.

  3. @jenn: true :) thanks for the support lady.

    @akirah: haha, i'm not sure i can get hardcore with ribs right yet, but we'll see. btw, lovin the new blog, glad you're back!