one of my favorite blogs blonde ambition {which i found through kelly's korner, which my work bff sandra recommended}, is doing confessional friday. this is awesome because, as you know, i love to overshare.

first up: so, i'm on pinterest probably about once a week. that's because i can quickly scroll through all the pins and am done in like 10 minutes. this is because i never noticed the "everything" button. um.

i was only looking at the people i follow's pins. duuuhhh. i consider myself pretty tech savvy, so i'm just embarrassed. bright side: i can now spend a lot more time on pinterest.

second: this blog is called "on repeat" because when i love something, i am going to love it to death. currently on repeat, "easy" by rascal flatts. i don't care if rascal flatts is "dead to you" {side eye courtney} or if you totally hate natasha bedingfield {side eye myself before i heard this song}, you're gonna get into it. that high part at the end where it's so emosh, "what she don't know!" go ahead and just listen:

numero tres: remember how i thought i'd be in pjs for new year's? yep, forgetaboutit. last night i made us reservations at red pony. it looks ah-mazing. they have veg options for every course, which really impresses me. even if i am eating chicken now.

actually, the real confession of this needs to be that i ate a wendy's chicken sandwich for dinner...

again last night.


happy weekend, bloggies!


  1. I love the everything link on Pinterest. Even though I don't really have the time to spare to really love it. Oh well.

  2. found your blog through the confessional link up.

    i thought i was going to be in my pjs for new yrs too... but my hubby surprised me and got off work and made plans to go to a fancy party. now i need to go shopping!

    i ate a chick fil a chicken sandwhich for dinner... so there goes my no fried food streak.

  3. @akirah: i need to follow you!

    @lori: yay! i love blonde ambition. coming to check out your blog now!