right next door to personal fav park cafe is neighbors, a newish bbq place.

we walked down during the football game sunday and i was at first a bit put off by the lack of choice on the menu. i think they actually are more of a bar than a food place, but the reviews i'd heard were all amazing - and only about the sandwiches.

a look around the place. sweetly decorated for the holidays right now. {they're actually open on christmas if you get bored with the fam and need a drink.}

brisket and deviled egg salad. plus pickles. always insta extra points if a place serves pickles with their bbq.

tebow time! i know i already tweeted this, but EVERY team i root for lost on sunday. packers, browns, titans, broncos. sigh.

and now i bet everyone else is sighing :)

quick pic from our quick walk. we'll be back to neighbors for sure.

hopefully this time watching a winning team.

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  1. I'm glad you don't root for the Ravens.