park cafe.

we went to park cafe for happy hour. i would like to just write "omm nom nom", because it's totally a good descriptor for the experience.

no blog post is complete without a self portrait. {and it reminds me to reiterate the awesomeness that is the fact we can walk to park cafe.}

this is a good deal, people.

super cute outdoor patio.

i started with the sunset margarita. super sweet.

fish tacos. two for $5. the fish was different because it was chopped up like tator tots, but the guac was amazing.

b's meat pizza.

and the absolute best potstickers i've had in america. with a plum sauce. literally drooling over this photo.

ended the night with the white wine sangria.

park cafe is known for being expensive, but the food is worth it. and the happy hour is excellent. all of the above were just five bucks each.

we ate for less than it costs us to eat at arby's.

{and while arby's may be delish, it's no park cafe.}

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