ice! at opryland.

thanks to courtney, we got to go ice! last week.

check out these awesome coats everyone gets to wear! so, ice! is basically an indoor exhibit of ice sculptures. and it's totally a kid thing, so this year's was all about madagascar.

we weren't the only group with no kids there. promise.
look at that detail.

slide time!

we weren't the only group with no kids going down the slides, either.

there it is! we all were totally frozen after that.

but luckily, it was 65 degrees outside that night. {the weirdest december weather, ever.} so, we walked around the block to check out the lights at the opryland hotel.
opry's lights are kind of a big deal. people drive in to see them {and to meet santa, which melanie was ballsy enough to sit on his lap.}.

here's the gigantic tree. inside! with full-sized teddy bears as ornaments!

and outside: jesus! the start of the wisemen's journey is on the other side of the lawn, palm trees and everything.

opryland: frozen trees, palm trees, giant trees. they've got christmas covered.  

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  1. Man, that tree is gorgeous. Love.