denver 2.

we knew we wanted to drive up toward the mountains while we were in colorado, but we had no idea how easy it would be to get there. they're just hanging out less than two hours away.

and one of the best part: you have to drive through boulder to get there. boulder is awesome - a totally hippie place with AMAZING food. we had snarf's for lunch, which was one of the best sandwiches i have ever had.

and here she is. our rental car for the trip. cahrazy, right? the fiat is about the size of a loveseat on wheels. and b and i are each basically 6 feet tall. we barely squeezed in this thing. and then we threw caution to the wind and off-roaded in it. she did okay, but it totally got some stares.

but, if you want attention/that feeling that you're going to get smushed on the freeway/be unable to find the lock button inside the car {hint: you have to push down the driver's side door handle}, then rent a fiat. three guys in the snarf's parking lot literally stopped me to look inside. they also referenced the j. lo fiat commerical, which is awesomely bad.

made it all the way to the entrance. also: the entire trip - we're talking 4 hours in the car - i was singing "rocky mountain raiiiin, keep on fallin, keep on callin her naaamme." i mentioned that i wasn't sure on the lyrics, but we were up in the mountains with no cell signal, so no way to google. we get back to the hotel and b finally searches and ASSURES me it's "rocky mountain high" that i was singing by none other than john dever. makes sense, right?

people, i just you tubed that stuff and i had been belting ronnie milsap's SMOKEY mountain rain and just using the dang wrong mountain range. hahaha. duhhhh.


there we are. ignore the guardrail there. the wind, plus four inches of snow, plus my visions of people not noticing us in our fiat and accidentally running us over had my self-photography a bit off.
they're called the rocky mountains because they are super... rocky. literally did not know. but it really feels like at any moment a landslide could happen and a bajillion small pebbles would smush us. {and in our fiat it really would have only taken a few pebbles.}

downtown! one of my fav parts is that there are so many people all over downtown, even at night. the city was all decorated for the holidays. we had dinner with my friend michelle and her fiance art at the corner office, which was holy yum. and then we walked around, took the free shuttle up and down 16th street to see the lights and stores and watched people ice skate on the free rink. a totally perfect winter night. and a great end to our quick visit. 

oh that rocky mountain range. i think we'll be back.

after all, it keeps on callin my name.

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  1. Ugh. This makes me want to take a big trip with Chef Boy. To just run away and have an adventure. Unfortunately, he owns his restaurant, so he can't just close and run off somewhere. We're going to Ohio next month for two days and that'll be nice. It looks like you guys had a great time and got some great pictures. That's important!

    Btw, that rental car is hilar!

    P.S. You got my comment to your comment, right?