the mile high city.

months ago southwest was offering up $59 flights. cheap airfare = one last vacation of 2011 for us! so, this weekend it was off to denver, colorado.

{and yes, i totally know that this was the year of travel for me. i think i'll do a post looking back at 2011, so that'll be fun for me to see everywhere we've been.}

we were only in the city for a few hours. but, we got to experience a lot. driving past the home of tim tebow. {did anyone else see the highlights of their overtime win yesterday? cahrazy.}


related: just WAIT until you all see the rental car we drove around. haha, it is cahrazy!

a cute little area downtown. the city has a very friendly feel to it. lots of holiday decor up, people walking around, dogs ALL over the place. we heard most stores and even some restaurants allow you to bring your pet in. cahrazy!

denver performing arts center. aka their tpac. wonder if they call it the dpac?

the first of our many local restaurant experiences. city o city. funny story: so, b has a bunch of friends that live in denver. his friend jay said we had to check out city o city. b was well aware that jay is vegan, but i guess we just didn't put two and two together. result: b had tofu bbq for lunch. cahrazy. i had veg udon noodles, which were delish.

and a story that deserves a real "cahrazy" tag: my camera was broken destroyed melted  rendered useless in denver. the last morning we were there we went to a local place for pancakes. end result: a huge cup of hot syrup on me and on my beloved camera. which was a gift from b for my birthday last year. it was not fully the waitresses fault, but i still am feeling totally depressed about it. b's going to let me use his point and shoot until later next year after i've saved up for a dslr. {which i talked about wanting in like my 10th blog post ever. i should have saved a dollar a day for that thing since i blogged about it. #thatswhatsuzeormanwouldsay}

i know, cahrazy, right? oh well, moving on.

more photos and happier stories coming later in the week!

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