a vicksburg wedding.

vicksburg is right on the mississippi river - in fact, we could see louisiana from our hotel.

{which was also a casino. called diamond jack's. it sounds as fancy as it was.}

it's a beautiful day for a wedding! 

look, it's b's bff! so cute. 

swan. made of flowers. at the bride's parent's {very, very nice} home. such a lovely reception. 

in the backyard reception. 

we threw lavender! AND she threw the bouquet.

{duh, i totally went for it. i COULD have ripped it out of another girl's hands, but she was a bridesmaid and i thought that was not very southern of me.}

blurry, but you can still make it out: that we-just-got-married-so-in-love bliss.

i love weddings! happy wedding wednesday friends!

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