q + a.

liz over at explore. dream. discover. posted an a to z questionnaire this weekend and, as you know, i like to get a little tmi at times. let's play!

A. Age – 25. i think this is the first time i've written that!
B. Bed size – queen. i take up the whole bed no matter the size - friends/snugglers/dogs, beware!
C. Chore that you hate – bathrooms. hair, hair everywhere.
D. Dogs – my favorite thing in the world.
E. Essential start to your day – hmm, typically lots of yawning, reading people.com and playing rebecca black's "friday".
F. Favorite color – grey.
G. Gold or silver – silver all the way.
H. Height – 5’10
I. Instruments you play – i can play "lean on me" on piano. i consider it a pretty impressive party trick. 
J. Job title – communications coordinator.
K. Kids – they sure seem cute, don't they?
L. Live – nashville.
M. Mother’s name – lori.
N. Nicknames – kate/katie/kb.
O. Overnight hospital stays – torn ankle ligament surgery in 8th grade. i rocked a green and white striped cast after.
P. Pet peeves – bossy mcbossersons {takes one to know one}, line cutters and impatient drivers.
Q. Quote from a movie – people, my favorite movie is "the mummy". like, not the original, the remake with brendan fraser. i'm not the type to quote movies. unless we're signing disney songs. then it would be "part of your world" from little mermaid. #bam
R. Right or left handed – right.
S. Siblings – one sister, emjay. 
T. Time it takes you to get ready – forevah. my hair takes 1 billion minutes to dry, then i straighten it, then i curl it. writing this out makes it seem insane. however, i only wash it a few times a week. writing that out makes me sound dirty.
U. Underwear – i love to buy it.
V. Vegetable you hate – brussel sprouts! which is such a common veg you hate answer, i know, but i actually had them for the first time this year and was so grossed out. they taste like dirt, yo.
W. What makes you run late – typically my hair. i could stand and re-do the curls all day long.
X. X-rays you’ve had – on the broken ankle referenced in letter o.
Y. Yummy food you make – i make killer grilled cheese. i also whip up the best mac i have personally ever eaten. and my funfetti cake is the bomb.com.
Z. Zoo animal – any and all. seriously. when it comes to me and animals my love knows no bounds.

so fun. everyone do this! and go!


  1. loved these! but I must know. How were the brussel sprouts cooked? I have to believe they weren't prepared properly, because when they're roasted with olive and salt and pepper they are melt in your mouth good!

  2. they said they were roasted! and i was at a popular organic restaurant. mayyybe i'll have to give them a shot at home :)