pumpkin patch.

our group has a lot of traditions. one of those being annual pumpkin patch visits. for the last two year's our patch of choice has been walden farm.

they have pumpkins.

 animals to feed.

gigantic vegetables.

hay rides. {we were totally the only ones on there without kids... okay, we were probably the only group at the farm without kids. but did you see the look on b's face in the goat-feeding picture above? happier than any kid i saw the whole day.}

amazing FOOD. funnel cake = heaven.

here's a group shot. {impressive self photography, if i do say so... myself.}

so, this year, instead of struggling to clean out and carve a pumpkin, i decided to paint it.

and the finished product on our porch. notice b's stitch mouth. very impressive. make anyone else think of billy from hocus pocus? if so, very impressive to you.

happy halloween!


  1. Love it! Thanks for calling it out -- that's one thing I miss in reader. :( Hope you're doing well!


  2. thanks jenn! i know, i need to get my booty to another pr event soon!