frist center.

on sunday, courtney and vickie and i met up at the frist to see the andy warhol exhibit.

isn't the frist beautiful? it used to be an old post office and the interior is just as amazing as the view from outside.

lady sunday.

art deco everywhere. it's like transporting back in time.

and the view from upstairs.

i absolutely love it. i feel very lucky to live in a city that has a museum of its stature that can draw exhibits from around the world.

now, about warhol. you can't take photos in the frist, but here's one of my favs i found online.

you feel like you're tripping, right? although dolly is for real beautiful, still today.

there were beds, ballons and VERY odd/scary videos that went along with the usual you'd expect from warhol. i was glad we caught the exhibit on it's last day in town, even if it made me feel like i had done drugs. i actually think that was the point.

art: confusing people since the beginning of time.

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