missoni for target.

alright, i admit it: i was one of the crazies who wanted all the missoni for target stuff.

i was not, however, one of the supercraze who were outside the store when they launched. i waited until my lunch break, thankyouverymuch.

here's some action shots of my new stuff.

holding mini kit kats. side note: i love fall. if for nothing else than the candy free-for-all that halloween brings.

mini wine glasses. cheers with the sister!

and hanging in the bathroom.

not pictured: mixing bowls, a candle, bobby pins and a tray. i think people hated this, loved it or just didn't get it. {b falls into the last category.} i personally like to both wear and decorate with black and white, can't get enough chevron and basically am into anything target does.

come on over and have some wine out of my missoni cups. you'll love it too.

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