flashback friday.

some of my favorite blogs have features that they incorporate into their regular blogging. like: breakfast at toast's girls who inspire series, hello happiness! and her wedding wednesday, and cupcakes & cashmere's five things.

as i approach my 100th post (say wha?) i can see why: sometimes daily life just isn't interesting enough to blog about.

so: we're going to have a regular feature around these parts.

introducing {drumroll please....} flashback friday!

one of the reasons i started this blog is because i have a terrible memory. it's funny at times, like when i go somewhere and forget what i was there for. but other times it's a bit "woh, woh", like that on repeat wasn't around when we went to china and i already am fuzzy on the details.

speaking of china, that's the first flashback friday topic! yay.

i could do flashback friday about china for every friday until eternity. so, i'll share just a few of my favorite pictures and stories from the start of our big trip for this one.

ni hao china! we are the foreigners!

hahahahha. i could do a blog just about ryan's experience in china. he was nervous to say the least and ended up sitting next to this local on the ride from the airport. as you can tell, he was uncomfortable. the old man laughed the entire ride.

so. we walk out of the tunnel from the airport shuttle ride and realize we have no clue where we are / how to read the map / how far it will be to get to our hotel. brandon had been living in a city hours from beijing so he wasn't familiar either. we ended up accepting rides from these rickshaw drivers. a new phrase was born from the experience: "getting rickshaw'd". they ended up charging us about double what they said the ride would cost, but we were just glad to be at our hotel, huge bags and all.

first night dinner.

we look like little babies!

first post done and i love flashback friday already!

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