people, the weather we are having here. oh my gosh. i probably shouldn't even say anything about it - i don't want to jinx it. saturday obviously needed to be spent outside, so i booked us tickets at the new seattle great wheel.

the wheel was just put up last year - crazy to think that was long before our first trip to seattle back in may 2011. {sidenote: we still constantly pinch ourselves that we live here.}

view from below. totally worth it to buy your tickets in advance online - you get to skip the ticket line!

inside the cart, looking up.

are you afraid of heights? i would say i'm moderately nervous nancy about them. the views made up for it, though.

can you see mt. rainer past the stadiums in the center of the photo? it's rare that you can see it since seattle is usually rainy and cloudy, but he has been out and about in the sunshine lately.

boats, boats, boats!

and, what's a seattle post without a picture of the needle?

the perfect day with the most perfect weather. happy monday, friends!

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