as previously mentioned, i picked out my wedding dress online. have i already talked about how i went dress shopping with my family and it was terrible? i feel bad about how i look right now {hello extra 30 pounds}, and i hated everything i tried on. my fam was like... silent... with every dress i walked out in - no offense to them, i know they were just waiting for my comments and wanted to be supportive and not insanely opinionated like the people on "say yes to the dress" - but it was just not a great experience.

so, when i got back to denver it was crunch time to order a dress. i went to a local boutique, tried on three dresses and bought the one i had been checking out online for months. and then almost instantly had feelings of regret. like i rushed into it, or should have had someone {anyone!} with me.

my dress came in the mail this week and when i tried it on i still had all the feelings i was having about it after i purchased it. plus, it doesn't help that all people who i've sent a photo of it to say "wow, that's traditional!" or "classically beautiful". {no offense to the ten people who have told me that who all read this blog!} they mean it in a positive way, but it doesn't feel good to me.

and now, my manic thoughts about my dress are rolling up to everything wedding. i never was a girl who envisioned this day. i just am ready to be married. and as i sit here in month one million of our engagement cutting out envelope liners {WHY is that even a thing?!}, i wonder how i got so caught up in it all. 

sigh. fellow and former brides: is having cold feet about your dress a common occurrence?


  1. Oh, Katelyn... I totally understand your concerns. I guarantee you, the very same day of your wedding day, you will probably be second guessing something, but just remember;this is supposed to be the most special day of your life. Let go on the things that you can't control and just enjoy the ride. I'm sure everything will be beautiful and you are going to look stunning. Best of luck!

  2. thanks erika, i so appreciate your sweet words :)